AN ODE TO CALADIUM, leaves like a chameleon!

A super popular plant in recent years is caladium. And we understand why. This plant with sometimes almost transparent bracts can be found in spectacular colours. From almost stark white with green veins, speckles, spots, to hot pink. A real eye-catcher for the home.

Caladium is a tuberous plant and therefore grows differently than we are used to from most of our indoor plants. In the fall, the leaves wither completely. Now is the time to trim the leaves. But not before the leaves are completely withered, because the energy flows back to the tuber. After hibernation, the plant shows itself in full glory again with leaves that wow you! Read more in the plant guide how to care for this special plant.


Once you've got your caladium match, you've got guaranteed moments of enjoyment into your home. Who doesn't enjoy a wheelbarrow full of sugary sweet beauties or leaves full of freckles in the window frame? Doesn't that give you the spring fever? Perhaps that's why caladium fits so well with the Bright & Breezy style trend. This is all about cheerfulness and uncomplicated enjoyment.

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