CALLA | Zantedeschia, classic beauty with a modern look. African roots, colored calyxes and deep green leaves: Calla provides a unique and stylish silhouette in your interior.

Calla, also known as Zantedeschia, is an exceptionally elegant houseplant with a stylish appearance. Stems rise between the soft, green, sometimes speckled leaves with beautiful chalice-shaped bracts at the end. These can be white, pink and yellow, as well as red, purple, orange and even almost black. They are often mistaken for flowers, but the real flowers are very small and are in the bract. Calla is one of the few flowering plants that matches well with a modern, sleek interior.

Calla is native to southern Africa. There, the plant often grows at the bottom of slopes between grass and shrubbery, where it can be temporarily swampy if rainwater remains. The plant stores this water in its root tuber, in order to be able to bridge a drier period. Calla came crashing down with the Italian botanist Giovanni Zantedeschi in the 18th century. Zantedeschi classified the plant in the arum family.


Calla is also taken as pitcher plant: Greek gods are said to have drunk from the chalices. The shape has inspired many artists, such as Diego Riviera ('The Flower Vendor') and Georgia O'Keeffe. And in the Victorian flower language, Calla was a symbol of eroticism, because of its sensual appearance. Giving an unmarried woman a Calla was tantamount to making a lewd proposal.

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