Dracaena houseplants, a classic with flamboyant traits. Beautiful leaves in trendy colors on a sturdy trunk: Dracaena is a real statement plant with an exotic appearance.

Dracaena is a tall, full houseplant or tree with one or more trunks. From this grow beautiful leaves in green, yellow and gold, sometimes with some pink or red. There is a choice of many different types of leaf: small, fine and pointed or large and soft. What all varieties have in common is that they are beautiful plants that fit into any living style. And that they are easy to maintain. The plant stores moisture in the trunk and is therefore resistant to forgetting to water once. Due to the somewhat palm-like shape, this houseplant has a sturdy, tropical look that gives every interior something exotic and combines beautifully with indoor trees that bear smaller leaves. In addition, the plant helps to keep the indoor climate clean. According to the NASA Clean Air study, Dracaena is a powerful air purifier. Dracaena is available as a houseplant, but also as an indoor tree.

In the wild, Dracaena grows mainly in Africa and on nearby islands such as Madeira, the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands. Although there are also a few species in South Asia and one in Central America. There are species that really look like a tree-with-trunk, but also robust shrub forms. They can become very old and some species take on a very special shape in the wild, which seems to come straight from prehistoric times. The plant has been known in the west since 1752 and popular as a houseplant since 1880.

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Dracaena is derived from the Greek 'drákaina' which means female dragon. It refers to the resin of the Draco variety. It is bright red, from which names such as dragon plant or dragon's blood tree are derived. The resin is used in the paint industry. The plant is the natural, green symbol of Tenerife. In Icod de los Vinos is the largest and oldest dragon tree in the world, called El Drago Milenario (the thousand-year-old dragon). That is a bit of an exaggeration, the plant is rather between 250 and 350 years old.

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