No one is surprised anymore by plants in the house. But back in the day, our green friends could only be found outdoors. Until people decided to bring greenery indoors. You can read why and how that happened here. Most houseplants come from warm places, such as the tropical rainforest. In Europe, these exotics were first introduced when they were taken centuries ago by travelers from their distant travels. The new discoveries were then given a place in botanical gardens and greenhouses, where they were studied and cultivated. The indoor climate was not yet plant-proof, because it was too dark and cold.

Bring back nature

From the mid-nineteenth century, better insulation and larger windows ensure that plants can survive indoors - and they are gratefully used. Due to the industrial revolution, more and more people live in cities, away from nature. With plants in the house, the connection with nature is restored, as it were. Also, keeping plants is no longer for the very rich. The emergence of professional growers makes plants cheaper and therefore available to more people. Slowly but surely more and more plants are finding their way into the living room.

Beautiful inside and out

From the end of the nineteenth century, the view on furnishing houses changes. Plants are seen as enrichment for a space and as a decorative object. As a result, the aesthetic value of plants becomes more important. People are also discovering that plants contribute to a healthier living environment. Since then, house plants have become an integral part of the interior. And every decade other plants are popular. For example, in the 1950s, ferns were hot. And the 60s and 70s are inextricably linked with the pancake plant, stag horn and Sansevieria. And bet you'll see the cactus and orchid in old family snapshots?

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Seven tips from Plant & Bloem for taking care of your green plants at home.

1. Put the green plants in the right place. A healthy green plant enjoys its place in the house.
2. Give the green plants the right amount of water.
3. Give your green plants space.
4. Keep your green plants clean.
5. Give your green plants enough and the right nutrition.
6. Also put your green indoor plants outside.
7. Think carefully about the pot where you put your green plants.

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